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Discover detailed and helpful guidelines based on bone structure, skin type, coloring, personal ability, lifestyle and career, occasion (wedding, family portrait, reunion, etc.) and personality. (Apply half of cost to any makeup purchase!)

$25 & up
Professional application - 

Lash tint— $10

Brow tint — $15



A tasteful application for any occasion. We supply and use Bodyography paraben-free foundation and other professional makeup products and brushes. However you are more than welcome to bring your favorite products. (10-20 minutes)

60 minute consultation - $60
30 minute consultation - $30

Makeup is a powerful tool. It can help you enhance your own beauty or transform you into one of the many women you desire to be. If you want to create a beautiful you for one special event or just explore what is possible, book a makeup application at Studio D’Angeli. Under the skilled eye and hand of Jules, you can discover the woman you’ve always wanted to be, or a woman you never thought possible.

Time for a wedding? This is a relaxing and worry-free way (and place) to start your day. Look your most beautiful with a hair and makeup application.


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