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Waxing and epilation

For most waxing services, a three week outgrowth is ideal.

Brow — $13
Brow tweezing — $20
Lip/chin — $7
Extensive chin —$10
Bikini (classic line) — $20

Bikini (extensive) — $25 & up

Lower leg— $30
Upper leg — $40 & up

Full leg — $70 & up

Forearm— $20

Upper arm— $20

Under arm — $15

Men's waxing

Back— $35

(Starts below barber's neck line, includes deltoid area)

Stomach/chest— $35


Professional runners (especially marathoners), swimmers,bicyclists, body builders —shaving is the norm for these sports. It’s fast with minimal cost and discomfort. However, the results of waxing are longer lasting with a soft out-growth. Please feel free to consult with us!

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