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facial treatments

AFfordable luxuries

Lash Tint - $10

Brow tint - $15

A safe vegetable-based pigment penetrates your hair to last up to 3 weeks.

Basic facial - $45

This is the basic beauty facial—attentive and hands-on. Enjoy cleansing, an herbal towel steam, mild exfoliation, eye treatment, a facial mask and toning. Then finish with a protective lotion. (About 50 minutes)


Relaxation facial - $50

This is the most popular skin treatment at Studio D’Angeli. The relaxation facial includes all of the indulgences of the basic facial, except each step is enhanced just a little more and your experience ends with an acupressure hand and arm massage. (About 60 minutes)

Rose facial - $50

Of all of nature's scents, rose has the highest vibration frequency, which offers special therapeutic benefits. Your skin and nose respond to the sensual relaxation of the rose scent and the vibration of our imported rose oil, rose water and English rose clay work wonders on your skin. (About 70 minutes)

Double facial - $60

Everything you love about our relaxation facial and just a bit more pampering. Our double facial incorporates two skin care treatments that firm and tone. The first mask is a stimulating deep pore detox (wonderful for most skin types) that gets your blood flowing. It preps the skin for the second luscious soothing and smoothing mask, while your hands and feet receive a light massage with natural emollient lotions. It's an aerobics class for your face and a moment of pure "ahhh" for your hands and feet. (About 70 minutes)


Deep cleanse - $75

All of the benefits of a basic facial, plus a more clinical approach to include a 30 minute steam to soften your skin and open your pores. A careful and delicate manual manipulation follows to thoroughly cleanse your pores and eliminate toxins. (About 90 minutes)


Glycolic treatment - $55

This treatment begins with a thorough skin analysis and consultation. Then the glycolic sugar peel is applied, and the low pH of the sugar acid helps your skin shed dry skin cells, pushing new younger cells to the surface. This service can be added to the basic and relaxation facials for only $25 (Without facial, about 30 minutes)

Gentle dermaplaning - $30-$50

Using a safe blade, we gently lift off surface dry skin while ridding you of the fine hairs (peach fuzz) that can detract from your appearance (especially in sun) and inhibit product penetration. You'll love how smooth your make up and skin texture will appear after one easy treatment. (30-40 minutes depending on personal hair growth)

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